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More Symbology: Arabic

Arabic is a macrolanguage of the Semitic family, as are Aramaic, Hebrew, Acadian, and Maltese. It is the oldest of the Semitic languages, which is to say the closest to primitive Semitic. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with almost 180 million speakers, known internationally as the liturgical language […]

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Commas in English and Spanish

In English, we generally use a comma in front of the conjunctions “and” and “or”. The structures in English allow for us to skip the comma when working with other conjunctions. In certain sentences, the pause indicated by the comma will not be enough and a semi-colon must be used instead. Subordinate adverbial clauses between […]

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A Beginning…Cuneiform

Though spoken language has been in existence for tens of thousands of years, it was not until the end of the fourth millennium before the common era—according to the best calculations of experts on the matter—that written language was invented.  One of the earliest known forms of written language emerged from the region of Sumer […]

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Esperanto: a Language with a Good Cause

Esperanto is the international language created by Polish doctor Ludwik Zamenhof so that all people might be able to communicate with each other on an equal footing.  He published a brochure in 1887 that he signed with the pseudonym Doktoro Esperanto.  Thus was born the Esperanto language, which means “he who has hope.” Over more […]

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