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Translation into Spanish on the Internet

The translation industry has benefited greatly from the opportunities offered by the Internet, not only to offer their products and services en masse, but also to take advantage of any information provided by the Net, which provides services to translation agencies operating in this context and that are more comfortable and faster than traditional agencies, […]

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Translation and Interpretation: The Best Professions of 2011

While surfing the Internet, I found this interesting article from U.S. News about the best jobs to have in 2011. It turns out that, within the category of “creative and service jobs”, I found translator and interpreter, along with commercial pilot, curator, heating and air conditioning technician, among others. Our profession is considered one of […]

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Translation As A Medium of Communication Between Medical Professionals

In the treatment of complex diseases, it is necessary that the team of medical professionals act in harmony, based on the multiple possibilities of treatments available. In this sense, it is very important to have access to literature from other countries with other types of medical coverage and patients with other medical characteristics. In this […]

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