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W3 Workshop in Pisa, Italy on the MultilingualWeb

In the last post, we discussed the MultilingualWeb workshops and the importance of this project for contributing to the development of standards for websites. We also talked about the workshops that took place during the last year or are scheduled for 2011. First, we talked about the workshop held in Madrid, which was the first […]

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MultilingualWeb Workshops

MultilingualWeb is a project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by W3 in order to improve the way we create, localize and internationalize information through the development of standards for creating web pages in multiple languages. The ultimate aim is to promote and contribute to the development and use of internationalization standards for websites. […]

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The gene for learning how to speak

Is it a person’s genes or their education? Neurologists, psychologists, biochemists and other scientists often take one side or the other in explaining behavioral and personality traits as diverse as infidelity, depression, chocolate addiction or the ability to play music. In more developed cultures, everything is treated as a chemical imbalance that is easily fixed […]

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Language-related Technology

Language technology is the result of applying language knowledge to the development of computer systems. We can classify this into two groups: technology of speech and text. Speech Technology * It is now possible for a person to talk to a machine and have the machine understand the information that is transmitted, because the computer […]

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Machines can’t replace human translators

I realized something the other day while reading a long article that had been translated from Spanish into English and had obviously been put through Google Translate For Translators (GT4T) or a similar program. Machines cannot replace humans! Not yet, anyway. This particular source text was written in very poor Spanish, and parts of it […]

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Interpreters with Google Android

As we have discussed in several articles over the past year, Google is always developing new applications for translation or interpretation with limited success, since the quality of these translations is subjective. Now I have just read the latest: with Google Translate, Android smartphones become interpreters. It appears that Google began last week to try […]

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