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What Languages Are Spoken in the Philippines?

The language of the Philippines was originally written in the Baybayin script, which in turn is similar to those used in Java, Bali and Sumatra. (For those not so familiar with these languages, they date back to the Brahmi inscriptions in India in the third century BC). Today, the Latin alphabet has replaced the previous […]

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Venezuelan Academy of Language

In 1951, the President of Mexico, Miguel German, convened the 1st Congress of Spanish Language Academies, where he agreed to the creation of the Association of Spanish Language Academies. All schools that are part of the Association of Spanish Language Academies have the same objective: the care and protection of Spanish, the language of the […]

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La Malinche: The First Interpreter

Some consider her a traitor to her people, others a cultural bridge between the Spanish and Mesoamerican Indians. What nobody doubts is the key role that this woman had in the conquest and the genesis of America as we know it today. Her story, like her talent, is fascinating. Malinalli Tenépatl, Malinche, Doña Marina or […]

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This language is largely unknown. Its origins are found in Latin, and it is one of the four official languages ​​of Switzerland, along with German, French and Italian. Belongs to the family of Rhaeto-Romanic languages, which means it has a significant similarity to Friulian and Ladin, spoken in northern Italy. Furthermore, Romansh has five dialects: […]

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Colombian Academy of the Spanish Language

This academy was founded in 1871 and since 1960 it has advised the government of Colombia on language issues, which has led to several laws on the Spanish language being passed in the country. It hosted the Third Congress of Academies (1960), in which the Agreement of Bogotá was presented and signed. Its library is […]

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