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Inquiries to the Client: It’s a Team Effort

The interaction that takes place between the client and the Language Services Provider (LSP) is very extensive: The client requests a quote, the LSP carries out the corresponding analysis of the client’s needs (does he need a translation, editing or proofreading? is it an “inherited” translation to be corrected? does it need DTP?), the work […]

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Translation Teams: When Everyone Wins

Translation teams are a group of one or more translators, one or more editors (depending on the size of the project) and a reviewer. This team, in turn, responds to a project coordinator or project manager. Isn’t this the way it always is? Yes. Advantages The advantages of these teams stems from the idea of […]

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In Defense of Machine Translations

In a previous post (Industrial Translations and MT), I spoke of the industries that have to adapt to the new concept of the “age of discontinuity.” Academics are now wondering: do all sectors have to face this new conception of the economy and the business world? The analysis suggests that some sectors more prone than […]

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Where is the Georgian language spoken?

Georgian is the main written language for all Georgian ethnic groups and for speakers of other South Caucasian languages: Svan, Minglelian and Laz. It is spoken in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the US. It is believed that the word Georgian comes from Old Persian “Gurjar,” which means ‘a […]

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Peruvian Language Academy

Like the rest of the language academies in each of the Spanish-speaking countries, the Peruvian Language Academy has maintained intellectual relations with the Association of the Spanish Language Academies and the Royal Spanish Academy in a true team effort. It has been the benchmark for ongoing consultations of the highest Peruvian academic institutions and political […]

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Industrial Translations and MT

If you have had a chance to read my previous post “Hand-crafted or Industrial… Really a Dilemma?“, then you are familiar with my opinion on the coexistence of both types of translations. It is time now to discuss the thorny issue of machine translations (MT) and post-editing. In my opinion this version is more suitable […]

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