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How Hollywood Is Working to Build Its Audiences Through Translation

Those of us involved in translation are fully aware that there are jobs that are easy and others that are difficult. This evaluation depends mostly on our field of expertise (for some of us, a welding manual is simple while for others it is their worst nightmare, requiring hours and hours of research). However, most […]

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The Translation of the Word “Hangouts” as “Quedadas” in Google+

As we all know, Google did not want to stay behind in the sphere of social networks and has created Google+, with a format similar to Facebook, but with some very interesting features that Facebook lacks. In fact, it’s easy to find several blogs that talk about this new network offered by Google. For instance, […]

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Cuban Language Academy

Founded in 1926, this language academy was recognized by presidential decree law number 3388 of August 23, 1951. It is currently located in Old Havana, in the Santo Domingo building. Like the rest of the Spanish language academies spread throughout the American continent, this academy also contributes to the joint effort and teamwork to unify […]

Learning a Language for Travel: However, Whenever and Wherever You Want It

We discussed in the previous post (“Learning a Language: However, Whenever and Wherever You Want It”) that the most important thing when learning a language is to be clear as to why you’re doing it, before seeking your best option. In this case and in my opinion, learning a language for travel is one of the […]

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Things to Know about Neutral Spanish

From my experience, people who are not involved in the world of languages ​​and, specifically, translating into Spanish are not fully aware of the existence of what is known as neutral Spanish, also referred to as “standard” or “international” Spanish. In this issue, I think that a Spanish person does not intend that his “Spanish” […]

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