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What’s the Equivalent of John Doe or Juan Pérez in Other Countries?


In the Spanish-speaking world they’re known as Juan Pérez, “fulano de tal,” N.N., among other things. The truth is that, despite being among the most common first and last names in Latin America, not many people know someone with just those names, though we tend to use them to refer to someone without a specific […]

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The New Languages of the 21st Century


Can you imagine having a conversation in Elvish with the supermarket cashier in the not-so-distant future? Or going to buy cigarettes from the convenience store clerk in Klingon? For years the languages created in literature, film and TV were reproduced solely by a limited amount of hardcore fans. However, these days the languages such as […]

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On Linguistic Landscape


In a previous post we dealt with the issue of multilingualism and the consequences it has in people’s lives. That article made reference to the oral aspect of the coexistence of several languages in a single place, but it did not delve into what happens with signs in public spaces. This phenomenon is known as […]

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Which Is Considered the Best Dubbing Job in History?


In previous posts we dealt with the subject of the revolution of dubbing (specifically, in animated Disney films). Starting in the 1940s, this aspect of internationalization of film was subject to incredible improvements. But which is considered to be among the best dubbing jobs in history? And, more important still, what characteristics does it display? Through […]

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