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For many of us growing up—and still learning our own as grown-ups, the first “foreign” languages we learn are the ones that result from mimicking . For example, we learn that the cow goes “moo” and the pig goes “oink.” But did you know that in different languages and cultures, may differ from our own?

Some animal sounds do seem pretty universal, such as a cat’s meow (maiu in German, maiv in Danish, mijav in Turkish) except in Japanese, where it is nyan.  (This explains the name of the Internet phenomenon, Nyan Cat.) However if you take a look at the translations of a cat’s purr we got some . In French it is ronron and in Hungarian it’s doromb.

Here’s a look at some of the animal sounds around the world:

Bird cheep cheep/ tweetcui cuitschiwittpii piipío píojuyk juyk
Cowmoomeuhmoomau maumuu/ meemooo
Dogwoof woof / ruff ruffouah ouahgav gavwan wanguavhauv hauv
Frogcroak/ ribbitcroa croaquak-quakkero kerocroac croacvrak vrak
Pigoinkgroin groinboo boooink/oinc
Sheepbaabêêmae-eemeh mehbee beemaeh maeh

It just goes to show even animal sounds are not universal. So make sure to keep this in mind for your next translation. Get a free quote from Trusted Translations today!

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