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Mexican Spanish

Spanish is the most spoken language in Mexico: 97% of people use it either as their mother tongue or a second language. However, there are 67 indigenous languages in use and they have been protected since 2001 by the Linguistic Rights of Indigenous Peoples Law. The Spanish language arrived in Mexico with the conquerors, and […]

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Dominican Spanish

When Columbus came to America, in 1492, his ships anchoredat what is now The Dominican Republic. The island, which he named Hispaniola, became the first European settlement in America, and Santo Domingo, the first Spanish capital in the New World. That is to say that it was also the first place where the Spanish language […]

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The Etymology of the Word “OK”

Consider the following hypothetical conversation between two people: – Hey, you want to meet up this afternoon? – Yeah, that sounds good. Your place at 8? – OK, see you then Does anyone find it difficult to understand this conversation? Probably not. Is there a term foreign to them? Not really. What’s that “OK”? What […]

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Idiom ignorance

Idioms, which many translators are loathe to agree, are unavoidable in translation. While most people with a solid understanding of the source language shouldn’t come up against too many hurdles, the problem is that they are so region specific. Some idioms used in Australia won’t mean anything to people from the United States, and vice […]

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English Subtitles for Spanish Telenovelas

The Spanish-language television networks in Southern California are concentrated on attracting and expanding their Anglophone audience. With this challenge in mind, they rely on English subtitles for the most successful Latin American soap operas. For many second- and third-generation Latino immigrants, English is not their secondary language, but their mother tongue. They understand Spanish, thanks […]

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