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The world of translation as well as its markets are always evolving and part of that process is the introduction of automatic translation tools into our daily workflow. We have already looked at Google’s automated translation software and Systran. Let us continue with this subject that is only just now beginning and will continue to […]

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Understanding Each Other in Different Languages

Mutually intelligible languages are those which allow speakers to understand each other in both written and oral contexts, without the necessity of studying or having much knowledge of the other language.  This is what happens between native speakers of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian; it also is the case for speakers of Afrikaans and Dutch. The […]

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Multilingual Translation Sites

Trusted Translations has launched its multilingual translation sites in Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. These are the homes of the main sites in those languages, as well as a short description of each site in its language. Portuguese Site: Tradução Líder em Traduções de Português: Trusted Translations, Inc. Traduções de português de […]

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