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Automatic Translation Blunders on Public Signs


Translations connect people and cultures around the world. Many people study languages because they would like to travel somewhere, whether near or far, and want to be able to communicate in the local language. However, this is not always the case, as many limit themselves to only studying the most widely spoken languages in order […]

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House Taken Over: Displacing the Machines


In this post, “House Taken Over” is not in reference to the famous story by the renowned writer and translator Julio Cortázar. Rather, it refers to the feeling experienced by human translators in the age of machines. Just as the characters in Cortázar’s story feel displaced by an invading entity, human translators feel displaced by […]

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What Will the TAUS User Conference 2013 Be Like?

This year, Portland will be the city hosting the TAUS User Conference, which will take place on October 14 and 15. The conference will be focused, as we know, on the novelties in translation processes, localization service innovations and cooperation among industry professionals. Above all, it is important to know that TAUS provides research services […]

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Human Translation Services [VIDEO]

Human Translations: The Path to Professional Quality Professional Human Translation Services In the world of translations, there has been significant emphasis on the development of technology and automatic machine translations.  As we will see the next couple of minutes, the use of humans is still essential to achieving professional quality in translations. As you can […]

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Linguistic Pre-edition

Pre-edition, as we have seen in other posts, may include several procedures: a text can be pre-edited both from the point of view of the format as well as the text itself and any of its typographical errors. The handling of the format in all its forms: tables, images, text boxes, tables of contents, headers […]

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Automatic Translation of Technical Files

Automatic translation, also for these purposes referred to as machine translation, is a component of Computational Linguistics and represents the intersection of Translation and Information Technology to explore the functions of the software that can translate text from one language to another in a legible manner. Alan Melby, PhD in Computational Linguistics and professor at […]

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Can Post-editing Be Used Every Time?

We have seen in previous posts that post-editing is the human process of reviewing a text translated by a machine to give it grammatical and semantic sense to a particular text. But can this system be used in all cases? As an option, it can be used, but at times it is not profitable or efficient […]

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The History of Machine Translation

In recent years, machine translation has become a commonplace element in translation agencies. A good post-editing of a machine translation can produce the same results as a conventional translation and editing. However, not everyone knows this procedure, especially translators and editors. Although post-editing is a process that is already well known and frequently used in […]

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