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Translation Inconsistencies & How to Avoid Them

When a translation project is very extensive, the most common thing to do is to divide the translation among different linguists in order to speed up the process, thus allowing us to deliver the project as quickly as possible. It is almost never the case that there is an unlimited amount of time available to […]

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How Are Word Counts Calculated for Websites?

In recent posts, we went over some issues to keep in mind when calculating word counts for quoting a translation project. Here we will discuss yet another instance, which is perhaps the most complex: quotes for websites. The translation of this type of material typically involves various challenges, because it implies, in addition to work […]

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Automatic Translation?

Automatic translations, better known as machine translations, have experienced something of a resurgence lately. Today, there have been numerous advances in the field of translation, including different programs used for translation. These advances, specifically the programs, have simplified the lives of translators and have shortened delivery times, which has enhanced both productivity and quality (consistency, […]

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