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The Translation of Songs

Sometimes resulting from the decision of record producers, and at other times being part of the artistic expansion of singers and composers, as of the middle of the past century translation has entered the musical realm. In fact, through translation, songs were created that, at times, gained greater popularity than their originals. “My Way,” written […]

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More Specific? Impossible.

In this post from last year, we presented some words with oddly specific meanings. Frequently, this specificity makes it difficult to translate these words (or makes them almost untranslatable, as oftentimes the translator ends up explaining them instead of translating them since they have no close equivalent). It is exactly this which makes them particularly […]

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How Many Languages in Just One Nation?

Switzerland is a country that provokes curiosity or fantasies in many people, whether because of its banks, its eternal neutrality, direct democracy, precise watches, beautiful scenery, Swiss Army knives, and finally, for having four official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh). Not all Swiss people speak the four languages, of course, but the majority of […]

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