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Interpreters on the Sidelines at the World Cup

The World Cup is still the center of attention for so many of us around the world, capturing our attention on a daily basis. Some teams have had to suffer the unpleasant early trip home already while others have remained to fight it out and earn the right to hoist the coveted Jules Rimet trophy […]

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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation can be considered as the most recognizable form of interpretation. Spoken words are interpreted in the target language as soon as the speaker finishes speaking, or in periods of around 10 minutes. This is where the term consecutive applies; the two languages are spoken one after the other. When this type of interpretation […]

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More Automatic Translation Gadget News

As a translator, it is with a fair share of trepidation and chagrin that I “celebrate” news (such as the topic of today’s post) relating to new gadgets that facilitate–or usurp!–the job of the translator or interpreter.  Nonetheless, the gadget we’re going to be looking at here is just too nifty to disregard, and, thankfully, […]

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