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The Many Benefits of Foreign Language Education and Learning – Part II

As mentioned in my previous blog post, this three part blog series was inspired by an older post written by Bryant on “The Advantages of Speaking Several Languages.” The goal of this series is to explore the many benefits of foreign language education and learning, particularly in three main areas: health, social and economic. These […]

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The Many Benefits of Foreign Language Education and Learning

This three part blog series was inspired by Bryant’s blog post “The Advantages of Speaking Several Languages,” published earlier this year. When pursuing further research on the topic, I found that, although there are many arguments which promote foreign language education and learning, those with the most weight can be grouped into three major areas: […]

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What Are the Easiest Languages for English Speakers to Learn?

It is estimated that in United States, around just 18% of the population can speak a second language. Compared to the estimated 54% percent of Europeans who are proficient in a second language (and often more than one), this seems quite low. However, as the world continues to globalize and global communications become more interconnected, there is […]

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Why Children Aren’t Better Language Learners than Adults

Everybody’s favorite stereotypical excuse to not learning a foreign language is that adults can’t learn languages as well as children. The common misconception is that children’s brains are more elastic and more capable of remembering new languages and that our adult brains are rigid and incapable of adapting to the new language’s structure and remembering […]

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The Potential of Subtitles for Language Learning

The acquisition of foreign languages is one of the most studied topics in the field of linguistics. Today, due to the penetration of information technology as well as to prolonged exposure to diverse audiovisual content, we find ourselves faced with new ways of learning that, despite being absolutely incidental, are worth analyzing. In order to […]

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