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Modifiers, Interrupted

As linguists, our work often times requires translating complex texts that include sentences and structures of all lengths and types. Given that sentence structures are often different from one language to another, the experienced linguist is well aware that a good quality translation may sometimes require the re-ordering of clauses so as to flow more […]

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What Makes a Great Linguist?

There is a whole host of valid answers to this question, but arguably the most significant – at least in the field of translation and interpreting – is the ability to understand how a foreign language is used by its different native speakers in their day-to-day lives. The process of developing foreign language skills is […]

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World Affairs Article: Let Languages Die

Esteemed linguist John McWhorter has published an article on the coming century in language evolution. Working on the idea that 90% of the world’s 6,000 languages will not survive to be in use in 2109, Mr. McWhorter then tells us why that’s not such a bad thing for him. The basis for his argument is […]

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