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Website Translation

Currently, the world is experiencing an era of such rapid technological advances that we see new technologies outdoing each other every day. Moreover, you can see that there are a lot of companies in earnest competition as all the latest gadgets and products on offer today are improved at a dizzying speed. Today, the traditional […]

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Burger Localization

As almost every company who sells products or services in multiple countries knows, localization is a very important part of an international marketing strategy. Whether a company decides to localize the language that they use to sell a product or service, or tries to localize the product or service itself, localization is essential to attracting […]

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How Do We Quote a Subtitling Project?

Subtitling services can be difficult in terms of making a quote, especially the details of what needs to be done are not very clear. It may be that sometimes the client does not know the difference between subtitling and a voice-over (i.e. the original audio dubbing in the target language, something that is not related […]

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Services Included in the Localization of Websites

 What does localization mean? It is the process of the translation of software or a website (Menu, Help, Tool bars, etc.) from one language to another, without changing the source codes. This is done using specialized software (CAT Tools). For all companies that want their website in more than one language, Trusted Translations offers a wide […]

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Why You Should Translate into Spanish

More and more companies are deciding to translate their websites, corporate documents and company services into Spanish. Is this a chance occurrence? I don’t think so. I don’t think so because translating into Spanish can have very positive repercussions on a company’s productivity and revenue, for several reasons, including those I list below. It is […]

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