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What is GlobalSight?

GlobalSight is an open source Translation Management System (TMS), used to manage, translate and deliver projects for translation, editing, proofreading and storage, among others. This system was developed in Java programming language and uses a MySQL database. It also supports computer aided translation and machine translation. The main features of GlobalSight are: * Custom workflow […]

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Twitter and Different Translation Options

In addition to using automatic translation programs to bridge language barriers in an environment where real-time communication is of the essence, like Twitter, it is possible to use human translators to communicate ideas in other languages. So on the one hand, there are automatic translation services such as This service offers the ability to […]

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Now Google Translates Poems

Google continues to innovate. Now it is expanding the reach of Google Translate to perform translations of poems. Yes yes, poetry! If you ever tried to translate poetry, you know that it is a difficult task, given the need to understand the words “behind” the poem, which is often subjective. This year, at the conference […]

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Automatic Translation of Latin…The “Modus Operandi” of Search Engines

We have previously discussed machine translation in relation to social networks. We talked about the interest of automatically translating tweets so you can see the content in different languages. For those who failed to read it, here you are: Social Networking and Automatic Translation. All this revolution in the world of automatic translation is linked […]

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Automatic Translation?

Automatic translations, better known as machine translations, have experienced something of a resurgence lately. Today, there have been numerous advances in the field of translation, including different programs used for translation. These advances, specifically the programs, have simplified the lives of translators and have shortened delivery times, which has enhanced both productivity and quality (consistency, […]

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