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The Spanish Invasion

There is a lot of talk about how Spanish is increasingly overrun by Anglicisms. However, it is also interesting to note that English, at present, has also borrowed a significant number of words from Spanish. This phenomenon is not new. As early as the late eighteenth century, in the United States something could be described […]

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Solving Problems Related to Cleaning Files in Trados Studio 2009

Today, a large number of translators are working with the new version of Trados: Trados Studio 2009. And one of our most common problems is that we are often unable to clean the bilingual file to deliver the clean file to the customer in the required target language(s). When you cannot clean the bilingual file, […]

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MS Project for Translation Projects

Microsoft Project is a very useful tool for planning and monitoring projects of all kinds. To make full use of its benefits to efficiently apply it to translation projects, you must have basic knowledge of project management and follow some simple rules. MS Project has many functions and they can be overwhelming for new users. […]

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Do They Speak the Same Language in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan?

I recently wrote about Uzbek, the Turkic language mainly spoken in Uzbekistan, but which is also spoken in Turkmenistan. Now I would like to briefly discuss Turkmen, another Turkic language and the official language of Turkmenistan. We emphasize that although these two languages ​​share similar cultures and geographic areas, they ​​are different and a translator […]

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What is Relay?

Normally, translation agencies have lots of resources to translate within various language pairs, especially those languages ​that are ​most commonly spoken or are most important for its business. However, on occasion, challenges arise that seem difficult to resolve. One of them, for example, is how to translate texts from or to rare languages. I am […]

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