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The RAE Has Entered the Homestretch of a New Edition

In recent days, the Real Academia Española (RAE) disclosed the incorporation of new terms into the new edition to be published in October, which will mark the grand culmination of the Academia’s third centennial. Without a doubt, technological and cultural advances have led Spanish speakers to increasingly incorporate and adapt different terms to be able […]

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Costa Rican Academy of Language

As a non-profit cultural association, the goal of the Costa Rican Language Academy is to nurture, protect and study the Spanish language, especially the variety spoken within its territory. In addition, it is also concerned with the study of indigenous languages ​​in the region. In this sense, it has the same general objectives as the […]

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Peruvian Language Academy

Like the rest of the language academies in each of the Spanish-speaking countries, the Peruvian Language Academy has maintained intellectual relations with the Association of the Spanish Language Academies and the Royal Spanish Academy in a true team effort. It has been the benchmark for ongoing consultations of the highest Peruvian academic institutions and political […]

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Venezuelan Academy of Language

In 1951, the President of Mexico, Miguel German, convened the 1st Congress of Spanish Language Academies, where he agreed to the creation of the Association of Spanish Language Academies. All schools that are part of the Association of Spanish Language Academies have the same objective: the care and protection of Spanish, the language of the […]

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The North American Academy of the Spanish Language

Creation In the United States, Spanish is the second language in terms of number of speakers after English, because the United States now has the second largest Spanish-speaking community in the world, after Mexico. That is why it is not surprising that an academy for the Spanish language was founded in 1973 in the U.S. […]

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