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A Translator’s Many Hats

A translator’s task is not as easy as a lot of people think. It is not about just sitting down, reading a text and rewriting it in one’s own mother tongue. For the most part, professional translators are also students because in this profession you must continue updating your skills and knowledge well past the […]

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Languages and Their Power to Stave off Alzheimer’s

It is a well-known fact that bilingualism can be a big help in certain areas throughout one’s life, but it would seem that it saves its greatest benefits for old age. In addition to boosting concentration and attention, as well as rounding out a person’s knowledge and culture, studies have shown that learning a language […]

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We often get a translation on a topic that we don’t know in detail. What should we do? We have a few possibilities: If we find the terminology and content of the document(s) to be too complex and the amount of text involved would require research on our part that would take too much time […]

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