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Latin Phrases: The Resistance of a Dead Language

Until the 18th century, the language of cultural and scientific expression in Europe was Latin. For this reason, many Latin phrases continue to be used until today in scientific, philosophical, technical, religious, medical, and legal language. We frequently come across these phrases, and in general, if we are translating between European languages, where in most […]

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Neologisms and Technical-Scientific Translators

Translators who specialize in the technical-scientific field come across difficult words to translate almost on a daily basis. This is not just because of the specificity of the text but also because most discoveries and research in this area usually comes from foreign countries. Often times, their recent discovery has not given the target language enough time […]

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Expressing Dates in Spanish

As established in the Real Academia Española, Spanish-speaking countries use, generally, the ascending order when they write out dates, i.e. day, month, year, with no commas separating any information: 31 de diciembre de 1992. Between the day and the month, as well as between the month and the year, the preposition “de” is used. For […]

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