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Why Are Translation Memories (TMs) Such a Useful Asset


From my experience in the world of translation, Translation Memories (TMs) and Term bases (TBs) are sent in mainly by clients who request to translate large projects or small projects but with frequent updates. In a TB the client may prioritize the translation of certain terms over others, or even mark a translation as a […]

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The Importance of a Thorough QA

As a result of the experience I’ve gained through the coordination and planning of translation and localization projects, I’ve discovered the importance of setting aside enough time to perform a thorough quality control, which is often the key to getting good customer feedback. It’s in the quality control stage when we check to see if […]

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How to Lower Your Translation Costs

Use of Translation Memories Usually, companies expect to have the final approved version of a document before sending it for translation. What you probably do not realize is that by using a TM (Translation Memory), the translator can start working on the project before it has been officially approved. With a TM, costs and delivery […]

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SDL Trados Studio 2009

SDL released the latest version of Trados, SDL Trados Studio 2009. This new tool brings together the independent applications that were used in the past (Workbench, TagEditor, WinAlign, SDLX, Multiterm, et al.) in one practical and easy-to-use interface. First, it is worth highlighting the new file extension that are used in the program: XLIFF: bilingual […]

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Discounts for Repetitions in Translations

As we saw in a previous post, there is a series of factors that determines the possibility for applying discounts to translation services. In this case, I would like to focus a little more on the reductions that result from the use of assisted translation tools. Adequately managing the volume of work is essential to […]

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