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How to Distinguish Between Different Degrees of Post-editing

You may already know that post-editing is the “examination and correction of the text resulting from an automatic or semi-automatic machine system to ensure it complies with the natural laws of grammar, punctuation, spelling and meaning, etc.” (Draft of European Standard for Translation Services, Brussels, 2004). However, you might not already know that there are […]

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High Volume Translation Services [VIDEO]

Trusted Translations, Inc. is an experienced leader in high-volume translation services. We specialize in large translation project solutions. Our rigorous and exhaustive editorial and technical review process ensures the absolute accuracy, consistency and suitability of the translated materials. More information about High Volume Translation Services.

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Document Translation Services [VIDEO]

The use of documents in today’s society is a fundamental element of our communication system.  Depending on the type of documentation and the underlying subject matter, Trusted Translations, Inc. will assign linguists with industry expertise who match the needs of your project. More information about Document Translation Services.

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Language knowledge is key to global competitiveness

Around 200 million school-aged children in China study English yet just 24,000 of 54 million US schoolchildren learn Chinese languages. “If the US, in the modern world, is going to maintain its position as a global leader it’s going to have to become more conversant,” said Ken Gude, a former Center for National Security Studies […]

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Clients and Translators: Expectations vs. Results

It is quite common for a client to have an idea of the final outcome in mind when requesting a translation project. When the material is simple in content and format, complications are generally few. But what happens when the translation project in question is larger in scope? Most translators and project managers (PMs) know […]

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Subtitles for Movies and Television Shows

These days, subtitles are available for all forms of entertainment: in the movies, on television, and even at the opera. People from completely different cultures who speak different languages are often interested in the same subjects. For example, the blockbusters made in Hollywood often debut on the same day throughout the world and the audience […]

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