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Chairman’s Speech at St. Jude Wine and Chocolate with Tony Bennett and Kristin Davis

I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight to support this great cause. Many people have come from very distant places to be here, including Brazil. In fact, I convinced many of my friends and loved ones to fly in by telling them that this is probably the closest thing I would get to […]

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Contemporary Theories on Translation: Octavio Paz

Octavio Paz asserts that language is, above all, translation (translation and literature are synonyms). Translation is always a literary operation, since it is an artistic or scientific work as it includes a “transformation” of the original that is literary in the sense that it uses literary resources (in essence, metonymy and metaphor). Translations are a […]

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Reading the Text Before Translating

The translator starts the first stage of the translation process, the understanding stage. The purpose is to extract all content and expressive value to then reformulate them in the target language. Capturing and understanding the text does not end the communication process opened by the author. Instead it restarts it and the reader/translator becomes  a […]

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Legal Translations

The following are the most important aspects of legal translations: The might contain the ambiguities that arise from terms, concepts, or institutions that do not coincide between the legal systems of the source and target languages. In order to properly complete the translation, the translator must use a reliable manual or dictionary that clearly defines […]

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English-only hurts immigrants and translators

Last month, voters in the City of Nashville, Tennessee went to the voting booths to decide whether to make English the city’s official language. And, thank goodness, they voted against the proposal that would have made “Music City” the biggest U.S. city with such official language legislation. This is good news, not just for the […]

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President Obama, the Power of Words, and Official Chinese Translation

Following up on my post from last week on President Obama and the power of words, it’s interesting to note how the words in President Obama’s inauguration speech were evidently deemed by the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China to be too powerful for the people of China. Not only was the live […]

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