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Clients and Translators: Expectations vs. Results

It is quite common for a client to have an idea of the final outcome in mind when requesting a translation project. When the material is simple in content and format, complications are generally few. But what happens when the translation project in question is larger in scope? Most translators and project managers (PMs) know […]

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More Automatic Translation Gadget News

As a translator, it is with a fair share of trepidation and chagrin that I “celebrate” news (such as the topic of today’s post) relating to new gadgets that facilitate–or usurp!–the job of the translator or interpreter.  Nonetheless, the gadget we’re going to be looking at here is just too nifty to disregard, and, thankfully, […]

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Translator Training

This concept is extremely important. I am not just talking about the education that a translator receives in their studies, but also about culture in general, which is even more important when a translator is specialized in a certain field or fields. A translator’s training consists in their ability to master their mother tongue: writing, […]

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What’s the Minimum Number of Translators Involved in Each Translation Project?

Some clients may not be aware of it, but each translation project—no matter how small—involves the work of various translation professionals. The “translator” is the professional that works with the source text on the first round, applying a determined work methodology learnt during University studies.  In case of a very large project, several translators will […]

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