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Interpretation Programs in Hospitals

Nowadays, it is very common to hear about interpretation services offered within hospital environments or in situations that have to do with health or medical consultations. This is due to the fact that, often times, people from country “X” who go to a hospital are foreigners who do not have sufficient knowledge of the language […]

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Where Do We Not Celebrate the Year 2014?

The year has ended and another has begun. Around this time, the common greeting is “Happy New Year!” or “Have a great New Year!” However, the transition from 2013 to 2014 is not celebrated in all countries, and wishing this to someone who doesn’t go by the Gregorian calendar (also known as the Western or […]

What Are Some Helpful Words to Know When Traveling?

When traveling to another country, it is incredibly important to be able to communicate, at least on a basic level, with some of that country’s residents. Before taking a trip abroad, many people purchase travel books, investigate online, talk to friends, and more. These people research customs and cultures, currency information, foods and sites they […]

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