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What must we take into consideration when translating personal documents?

Undoubtedly, whenever we envision moving abroad to a country where the language is other than our native language, we must take into account that our personal documentation will most likely need to be translated and in most cases, be certified. Nowadays, and in an ever so often interconnected world, we are increasingly faced with opportunities […]

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A Brief History of Techniques Applied to Translation

From the Rosetta Stone onwards, the history of techniques applied to translation elapsed smoothly until Modernity, the time in which a series of changes, as diverse as they were profound, took place in people’s lives. For example, the idea of the modern machine implied a radical change with respect to its medieval counterpart. While the […]

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Curiously Specific and Unusual Words

In a recent post we wrote about the longest words in world, and commented on the particular power of synthesis and specificity that the German language has which allows it to construct compound words of undetermined length. Now, not only does German have a very particular power of specificity, but rather practically all languages have […]

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When is “Back-translation” Necessary?

A process that we occasionally turn to in the translation world is back-translation. But, what does back-translation really mean? Back-translation is the process of translating the target document, in other words an already translated document, back into its original language. This allows us to catch mistakes that may have occurred during the translation process. This […]

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