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Korean in Antiquity and Modern Times

The Korean writing system dates back to 108 B.C., when the area that is currently North Korea was occupied by China. Some linguists believe that language may be a member of the Altaic language family. (​​Turkic, Mongol, Tungusic, and also the Japonic and Korean languages​​.) In the 5th century AD Korean was written in classical […]

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Multilingual SEO Webinar on September 1

We have some exciting news as our COO, Gustavo Lucardi, who is considered a pioneer in the field of Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO), will be presenting a webinar titled “Multilingual SEO Opportunities for LSPs” on Thursday, September 1. This webinar will be a great chance for Gustavo to share with everyone who is interested […]

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Dominican Language Academy

Founded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on October 12, 1927, it works side by side with the Spanish Royal Academy in its mission to include all regional expressions of the pan-Hispanic community in order to give uniformity to the language spoken in so many parts of the world , each with its own history and […]

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How Hollywood Is Working to Build Its Audiences Through Translation

Those of us involved in translation are fully aware that there are jobs that are easy and others that are difficult. This evaluation depends mostly on our field of expertise (for some of us, a welding manual is simple while for others it is their worst nightmare, requiring hours and hours of research). However, most […]

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Cuban Language Academy

Founded in 1926, this language academy was recognized by presidential decree law number 3388 of August 23, 1951. It is currently located in Old Havana, in the Santo Domingo building. Like the rest of the Spanish language academies spread throughout the American continent, this academy also contributes to the joint effort and teamwork to unify […]

Things to Know about Neutral Spanish

From my experience, people who are not involved in the world of languages ​​and, specifically, translating into Spanish are not fully aware of the existence of what is known as neutral Spanish, also referred to as “standard” or “international” Spanish. In this issue, I think that a Spanish person does not intend that his “Spanish” […]

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Costa Rican Academy of Language

As a non-profit cultural association, the goal of the Costa Rican Language Academy is to nurture, protect and study the Spanish language, especially the variety spoken within its territory. In addition, it is also concerned with the study of indigenous languages ​​in the region. In this sense, it has the same general objectives as the […]

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