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6 reasons why you should ask to start using CAT Tools, today!


Not all translators are accustomed to using CAT Tools even though some programs such as Trados SDL have been around for over a quarter of a century! It has some serious benefits: not only do they help provide high quality translations, but they also allow translators and clients to save a considerable amount of time […]

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The Creation of the Dothraki Language


Ever wondered what languages the characters of Game of Thrones speak? Following the release of Game of Thrones’ latest season and my fanaticism, I began reading a bit about the featured languages spoken in the series, particularly by the Dothraki people and Daenerys Targaryen. The idea of the Dothraki language dates back to George R.R […]

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Editing, Review, or Stylistic Editing?


When our clients ask us for a quote, we usually estimate two or three steps for the completion of the translation project. Our most common combinations are: translation and editing and/or translation, editing and proofreading (review, copy editing, or stylistic editing, depending on one’s own preference). This last step, which we will discuss in this […]

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Helianthus vs. Sunflower – Are botanical translations a real challenge?


I’ve always been intrigued by the real and complex names of flowers. Who knew that a sunflower is actually called helianthus or that Lanicera caprifolium means honeysuckle? I bet the majority of you don’t and that’s why when it comes to literary translations it’s really important that linguists are familiarized with these terms and also […]

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