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A Language to Die For

Today, some hidden places still exist where tribes and communities are totally isolated from the outside world. There is very little that is known about them, as far as how their society is organized, their traditions, beliefs, diet, and of course, their languages. Within this group of almost unknown communities there is an extreme case: […]

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What we look for in a translator

When we are trying to find the perfect person to fit in a certain position, we do not only analyze technical knowledge, but also bits of personal information that give the general picture of who that person is and her potential. With linguists, it is no different: They should have a combination of talent and […]

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Machine Translation: When to Use It

As we have already mentioned in a previous post, using an automatic translator is not recommended in certain scenarios. Now we will see what situations are appropriate for using an engine like Google or Microsoft to perform a translation. First, we ought to talk about productivity. Post-editing is faster than translating. It is estimated that […]

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