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The Peritextual Environment

There is a big difference between competence in a field and encyclopedic knowledge. “Competence in the field” is everything related to the concrete information related to the technical aspects of a field. Technical texts require a technical fluency based on the mastery of a specific area of knowledge and its lexical and terminological aspects. Encyclopedic […]

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Investing in Professional Translation Can Save You Big Time!

Professional translation services are there to offer a wide variety of customers an effective way to communicate with people that speak a different language, no matter who they may be.  In this vein, one of the primary roles of the translator is to exercise a strong degree of cross cultural awareness, thereby enabling themselves to […]

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The World Bank’s Language Policy

I never cease to discover new facts about the world that stun me to silence. Rebecca Harris at Foreign Policy recently published an article addressing problems that community groups in Yemen are having in receiving a translated version of the World Bank‘s conditions on a grant they were given. When confronted, the official response from […]

Contemporary Theories on Translation: Nida and Steiner

The translation process is defined as the operation of obtaining the closest natural equivalent primarily in terms of meaning as well as the style (attempt to convey the same meaning and the same style as the original). Nida denotes two types of equivalency: formal equivalency, in which the formal characteristics of the source text are […]

How to Enter the Translation Field

Becoming a translator is not the easiest thing by any means: not only do certain basic conditions need to be met (such as possessing strong mastery of two or more languages), but furthermore there are long and challenging degree programs geared specifically towards creating translation professionals.  In fact, over the last several decades the amount […]

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A Beginning…Cuneiform

Though spoken language has been in existence for tens of thousands of years, it was not until the end of the fourth millennium before the common era—according to the best calculations of experts on the matter—that written language was invented.  One of the earliest known forms of written language emerged from the region of Sumer […]

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