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We often get a translation on a topic that we don’t know in detail. What should we do? We have a few possibilities: If we find the terminology and content of the document(s) to be too complex and the amount of text involved would require research on our part that would take too much time […]

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Project Management for Translations (First Part)

The coordinator of translation projects or Project Manager (PM) promotes a work environment in which reigns the uniformity of criteria. In this sense, the coordinator of the project is the nexus among all participants. His/her mission is to assure that the team is informed and motivated and that each one of the team members works […]

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The Economist cracks down on Americanisms

The Economist is the well-known and acclaimed magazine newspaper(!) about…well, economics…that is published in the UK. One of its proudest principles is how it likes to take stands on issues and argue in favor of or against topics. It is read by important, influential, and intelligent people throughout the world. So as I was thumbing […]

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