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6 reasons why you should ask to start using CAT Tools, today!


Not all translators are accustomed to using CAT Tools even though some programs such as Trados SDL have been around for over a quarter of a century! It has some serious benefits: not only do they help provide high quality translations, but they also allow translators and clients to save a considerable amount of time […]

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If The UK Leaves The EU, So Will The English Language?


As the upcoming Referendum to decide whether the UK will leave or remain in the EU approaches, more questions regarding the stability of the Union arise. Not only in matters of business, integration, financial services, immigration, and freedom of movement for British citizens, but also whether or not the English language will continue being the “official” language of […]

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Although It May Not Seem like It… That’s a Language!


As project managers, we are used to receiving requests for translations to and from many languages. The most popular include English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French and German. However, on rare occasions, clients surprise us and request translations into languages that we don’t usually work with, or, in some cases which we have never even heard […]

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