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Machine Translation as an Option

Everyone always wants to know: has Machine Translation (MT) already achieved parity with Human Translation (HT)? But they’re asking the wrong question. The question they should be asking is: how can the MT solutions available today be leveraged to get the best possible results? In this day and age, MT must be considered as an […]

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5 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Company

So you need to translate something and you’re considering your options. Perhaps you took some language classes in school, or maybe you’ve got an old friend who speaks the requisite foreign tongue. Think that’s a viable option? Wrong! What you need is the kind of service that only a professional translation can provide. Consider the […]

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What we look for in a translator

When we are trying to find the perfect person to fit in a certain position, we do not only analyze technical knowledge, but also bits of personal information that give the general picture of who that person is and her potential. With linguists, it is no different: They should have a combination of talent and […]

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Junk Translations

On our previous article we pondered about the main drivers in the translation industry (cost, time and quality) and how, as if it were affected by the force of some natural balance, one most always prevail over the other two. Translation services buyers today are usually like the March Hare in one of Lewis Carroll’s […]

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“Shouldn’t you be out on a Ledge Somewhere?”

Our collective imagination is not very kind toward people who are passionate about writing. Largely, we imagine writers out on a ledge somewhere, spewing melancholy all over the place, in the form of sappy rhyme. We often place them in a sort of Bohemian nightmare, in humid, squalid apartments, bent over a typewriter, with messy […]

The Challenges Posed by Plurilingual Translation Projects

Translating is a challenge in itself, as expressing the same meaning or conveying the same emotion in two different languages can be a very intricate task. However, this task becomes even more challenging when a text must be translated into several different languages. For project managers, plurilingual projects pose a more complex challenge than bilingual […]

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How to Discern Between a Translator and an Interpreter

When you translate you interpret, and when you interpret you translate, but translation and interpretation are not the same thing. As professions, translation and interpretation have shared procedures and objectives which we describe and differentiate on our website: human translation and interpretation. Both translators and interpreters have to deal with idiomatic challenges in messages that […]

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Team Translations

Despite the fact that many people think of a translator’s job as being a solitary task, isolated and competitive, it shouldn’t be thought of this way. To the contrary, with technological advances and the development of globalization, translation has become an interconnected job that requires constant contact with the outside world. These days, the demands […]

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