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What does it mean to use “vos” instead of “tú” when speaking Spanish? It’s a phenomenon that has its origins in the Spanish spoken in Argentina and Uruguay where the abovementioned subject change is used when talking to someone. Generally speaking, “vos” is used as a replacement for “tú” in conversations and texts where the […]

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What Are the World’s Sexiest Accents?

A few weeks ago, CNN reported the results of an interesting survey carried out through Facebook in which users voted for what was, in their own opinion, the sexiest accent. While it is not the first time that this survey has been done, it can be argued that it is the one with the largest […]

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Using “Vos” or “Usted” in Costa Rica

  According to the Diccionario panhispánico de dudas, voseo means to use the pronominal “vos” form when talking to somebody. Though this has been shown in a previous post to be a phenomenon of the River Plate region, in Costa Rica, as in a great number of countries in the Americas, the pronoun “vos” is adopted when referring to the second person singular. However, contrary […]

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