On the first part of this post, we looked at two apps that help us learn a language; however, those are targeted mostly for Romance and some Anglo-Saxon languages. Now, we’ll take a look at two more that can actually help if you’re planning a trip to Egypt, Russia or Asia.

  • Memrise – Free service that promises learning not just vocabulary and languages, but history, trivia and science among other fun stuff. Their philosophy is simple. According to Memrise, there are three components to learning: Science, Fun and Community. And they have them all. The app is available on Google Play and the iTunes app Store. Go check it out! http://www.memrise.com/
  • Keewords – Let’s face it, sometimes we can’t just learn a new language entirely before going on a trip. So to help us in our quest for amazing food, or just finding a restroom, there is Keewords. An app that helps you learn the 1,500 most important words on languages such as Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Chinese.  https://www.keewords.com/en/apps/

Of course, there are other methods for learning a new language. You can always try Youtube or www.italki.com, the affordable one-on-one service that lets you connect with native language speakers who are actually teachers from all over the world. So, whichever your method, the point is to get started and getting out there!

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