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How your Brand Name can Win or Lose you Clients

Brand names and brand management play a crucial role in the marketing of any product or service. Yet, as the world is becoming more globalized, it is becoming more difficult to develop brand names that can be applied across countries. Frequently, large multinational corporations will spend lots of time and money doing market research to […]

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What Makes Guaraní Different from Other American Indigenous Languages?

An article by Simon Romero came out this week in The New York Times discussing why Guaraní, Paraguay’s main indigenous language, has been able to continue playing such an important role in the culture and politics of Paraguay. Importantly, this article highlights the reasons why, unlike other American indigenous languages, Guaraní has become so institutionalized […]

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The Best in Legal Translations

Although expertise and experience are two very important factors for any type of translation, these elements are absolutely essential for legal translations. Often, legal translations require certification and one small translation error can result in lots of extra time and money. Trusted Translations has legal translation experts, including U.S. bar-admitted attorneys, English/Spanish legal specialists, and […]

Trusted Translations as a Leader in Financial Translations

As a large translation company with lots of experience a variety of fields, Trusted Translations understands the importance of specialized translations. We provide translation services for many different industries, including the financial industry. Finance departments, along with financial institutions themselves, are a key area in managing any type of business. Producing documents that hold very […]

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What is Transcription and How Might it Benefit Your Business?

Although transcription can refer to many different things (including gene expression and notating an unnotated piece of music) as a service, and in the field of language, transcription is the conversion of speech, or audio feed, into written text. Among its many purposes, this service can be used for creating captions/subtitles for a video, for […]

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What is Phone Interpretation and How Might it Benefit Your Business?

As businesses are looking more and more to expand into new markets around the world, the issue of language almost always needs to be addressed. Whether in person, by email, or over the phone, communication within a business or with clients, suppliers, distributors etc. needs to be efficient and fluid, no matter the language. Phone […]

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The Editing and Proofreading Process

At Trusted Translations, the per Word pricing for a fully translated text includes TEP: translation, editing, and proofreading. While the translation step is expected (as we are, after all, a translation company) our editing and proofreading services might not be something that clients give much thought when sending out documents to be translated. However, these […]

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The Secret to a Higher Quality Translation

Sometimes, no matter how many translators or editors work on a project, there are mistakes that can slip through the cracks. We are, after all, only human. It is precisely because of this that the systematic, objective eye of technology can play a critical role in ensuring a higher quality translation. The makers of SDL […]

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10 Facts You May Not Know About Trados Studio 2009

Over the lifespan of any software technology, there comes a time when updates and new versions are necessary to keep software relevant for our rapidly changing world. Companies, always striving to stay ahead of the curve, find that as soon as they implement one version of software, a newer version is released. The same is […]

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