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Where is Marathi spoken?

In other posts we have talked about other Indo-Aryan languages, and we said that these languages are included in the group of Indo-European languages. All Indo-Aryan languages ​​originate from Sanskrit. Marathi is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in India, mainly in the western and central areas. While a Hindu can distinguish one language […]

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European Master’s in Translation (EMT)

All professionals in the translation field know that all too often, our work is undervalued, and it seems that a person who is somewhat fluent in a two languages is automatically ​​able to call himself a “translator.” In order to give this profession the place it deserves and to offer its potential candidates better opportunities, […]

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Neologisms and Technical-Scientific Translators

Translators who specialize in the technical-scientific field come across difficult words to translate almost on a daily basis. This is not just because of the specificity of the text but also because most discoveries and research in this area usually comes from foreign countries. Often times, their recent discovery has not given the target language enough time […]

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