Creative are essentially the people who write advertising material. They write promotions, texts, brochures, websites, just to name a few.

One of the many tasks of a sales representative is similar to this. A sales representative’s correspondence with the client represents the company they work for and maintains the client’s trust. Therefore, they must approach all of their emails as a creative text, and their writing has to reflect that. In fact, many creative copywriters work in sales and marketing first.

This approach is essential when comes to some of our more frequent localization projects: instruction manuals and brochures. In to correctly translate and localize this type of , we must pay attention to the style in which it was written in order to reflect it in the . This means that we have to use specific style guides and understand the customer’s strategy in order to sell or report effectively, and ultimately transmit their message in all .

For these jobs, we must seek out expert translators and linguists who can are able to adapt to and ultimately produce this type of writing.

At Trusted Translations, we take care to ensure that any person or company can have access to a quality translation while always taking into account their preferred editorial style. If you are looking for help with the globalization of your company and expansion of your commercial area, please don’t hesitate to contact for a free .

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