How I love the history and development of ! It is a never-ending labyrinth of discovery and surprises, all reflecting the wonderful creative nature of human beings.

Recently I found the BBC article on the oldest words in English, which used the study performed by researchers at Reading University as its basis. While I enjoyed that the most basic numbers and first-person pronouns are also some of the oldest we as have been using, I was most struck by the fact that more words are soon to disappear from our lexicon.

According to computers, some of the words that are destined to disappear in the linguistic near future as such stalwarts as “push”, “guts”, and “dirty”. Though this change will obviously take numerous generations to develop fully and I will be but a vague memory to people speaking English in the days when those words are not used, I refuse to stand by and let this happen! I now officially start the to SAVE THESE WORDS! So push your dirty guts to your nearest writing utensil and use them as often as possible! Don’t let the dream die!

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