In to work with MultiTerm, first you must create a glossary for terminology in an document, with the entries in column A and the translations in column B.

You must this glossary Excel file into the MultiTerm Convert program in the following way:

1. Open MultiTerm Convert. Click NEXT.


3. Choose the glossary (Excel) and then click NEXT.

4. In INPUT FILE, click BROWSE and select the glossary. The rest of the boxes are automatically completed. Click NEXT.

5. In INDEX FIELD, select first the and then the target . You can complete DESCRIPTIVE FIELD if the glossary has, additionally, some kind of extra , such as , for example. Finally, click NEXT.

6. The steps completed are shown, click NEXT.

7. A summary of the steps competed appears. Click NEXT.

8. The Excel file must be converted to .xml and an . is to be created. When the process is finished, click NEXT. Then click FINISH.

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