For agencies or translators who work with different programs, MemoQ and Trados Studio 2009 are very compatible.

The first impression given by these two programs is that many of their features are exactly the same.

  • They incorporate functions into the translation/edition screen;
  • They work with a translation memory, which can be exported in .tmx in both programs;
  • They can both generate a glossary;
  • They offer the function of aligning the with their corresponding to generate bilingual documents;
  • They allow users to create a preview of the translation as the translator or editor on the bilingual document;
  • They both give the possibility of analyzing documents to know the amount and type of repetitions;
  • They offer the function of concordance searches that search through previous translations for the same expression and thus maintain consistency in all deliveries for the same or in the final of a large project in which a large team of translators and editors contributed;
  • They can export files in .doc and .xliff format.

(Spanish version:

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