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Do You Know the Difference Between Pre-editing and Post-editing?

Some of you may have heard of a new translation field called post-editing. Post-editing, as described here is the “examination and correction of the text resulting from an automatic or semi-automatic machine system to ensure it complies with the natural laws of grammar, punctuation, spelling and meaning, etc.” (Draft of European Standard for Translation Services, […]

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Translation Memory: A Blessing or a Curse?

As Érika Nogueira de Andrade Stupiello from São Paulo State University has noted in her article entitled “Ethical Implications of Translation Technologies” from Translation Journal in 2007, translation memory, a technological tool designed to help translators, presents certain ethical questions about the way translators work. Translation memory, or TM as it is commonly abbreviated in […]

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Literature Translations

Translating literary material is just one of the very specific types of translation services offered by Trusted Translations. Very different than translating marketing materials or technical manuals, it requires a specific process. Also, having both the client and provider on the same page is crucial as this will finally lead to a more successful outcome. […]

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InDesign Files with Trados

Many of the demands that a client can place on an agency when requesting a translation of a text:  from complying with the style of a translation, to following a certain glossary of terms, to working within the design (or “layout”) of a file.  For this task, it is necessary to have a good Desktop […]

High Volume Translation Services [VIDEO]

Trusted Translations, Inc. is an experienced leader in high-volume translation services. We specialize in large translation project solutions. Our rigorous and exhaustive editorial and technical review process ensures the absolute accuracy, consistency and suitability of the translated materials. More information about High Volume Translation Services.

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With a Little Help From Our…Clients

If you were my client and were looking to translate a technical manual, literature, financial content, marketing collateral, architectural documents…-Well, you get the point!-, I might ask you for some reference material.   What is reference material?: Previously translated material, or any other content that translators can use as a style guide or a reference. This […]

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Translation Teams: When Everyone Wins

Translation teams are a group of one or more translators, one or more editors (depending on the size of the project) and a reviewer. This team, in turn, responds to a project coordinator or project manager. Isn’t this the way it always is? Yes. Advantages The advantages of these teams stems from the idea of […]

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MultilingualWeb Workshops

MultilingualWeb is a project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by W3 in order to improve the way we create, localize and internationalize information through the development of standards for creating web pages in multiple languages. The ultimate aim is to promote and contribute to the development and use of internationalization standards for websites. […]

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