It belongs to the branch of the language family, which we spoke about HERE.

More than 60 million people are native speakers of this language, and they are distributed across , , , , , the and , as well as members of the diaspora.

The and the , among other bodies, refer to this language as “Persian.”  The name “” is used within the Persian and Arab languages.

has evolved into three branches:

1.    Contemporary Persian in its many dialects, such as , which is spoken by the Jewish inhabitants of Iran.
2.    , also known as Eastern or Afghan Persian, which is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.  It is much more conservative than Contemporary Persian, and has two distinct dialects: and .
3.    , the official language of Tajikistan, is the most evolved variant.  It is also spoken in the north of Afghanistan and in Uzbekistan, and the main dialect is .

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