The history of the European continent has defined countries that we recognize as having as well as . Because of that, several countries are and it is quite common to learn several languages at once and use them on a daily basis.

Within , Catalan is the with the most speakers in the European Union.

Below is a list of the main minority languages in the EU that include more than half a million speakers.

  • Catalan: 7,200,000 speakers in Spain, France, Italy and Andorra.
  • Galician: 2,420,000 speakers in Spain.
  • Occitan: 2,100,000 speakers in Spain, France and Italy.
  • Sardinian: 1,300,000 speakers in Italy.
  • Irish: 1,240,000 speakers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Basque: 683,000 speakers in Spain and France.
  • Welsh: 508,000 speakers in the United Kingdom.


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