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4 Investment Challenges When Customizing MT

More and more R&D is being put into artificial intelligence—at least as it applies to machine translation—and an ever greater number of companies involved in the language services industry are beginning to take notice. Such actors must decide for themselves whether to take the leap and invest in customizing an MT engine. Naturally, the prospect […]

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The Human Element

So, let’s pick it up directly where we left off: “The Diagram for Consciousness” The diagram (simplified to fit the purposes of our analogy) consists of a three step pyramid: At its base, the creator sets Memory as the first step to attaining true consciousness. Memory is indeed the first factor needed both to learn […]

The Future of Translation: A Matter of Patterns or Delicate Craft?

As the famous Chilean translator, Marina Orellana, once said, “Translation is not transliteration, that is, the transcription of words from one language to another. (…) What really matters is to grasp the ideas and express them successfully.” If this is, indeed, the essence of translation, then the craft of the linguist would seem to resemble […]

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