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Somali, an Afro-Asiatic language

This language belongs to the Cushitic language family, which is included in the Afro-Asiatic languages. Some of these languages are: Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic and Egyptian. Somali is the official language of the Somali Republic, and it is spoken in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, Kenya and Djibouti as well. It is also spoken in Canada, the […]

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The Languages of Africa

Official estimates state that there are 2,000 languages spoken throughout the continent of Africa, which are then broken down into these groups: * Afro-asiatic: these languages are spoken in many countries of northern, eastern and southwestern Africa. The family of Afro-asiatic languages includes approximately 240. The main ones are the Semitic family, Kushite, Berber, and […]

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