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The Origin of the Carnival Holiday

Although many people usually associate the holiday of Carnival as something celebrated in Brazil, many would be surprised to know that it is in fact, a worldwide celebration. Usually occurring in February, the festivities for this holiday happen right before Lent. The many themes surrounding this holiday include masks, parades, fireworks, dancing, and of course, […]

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Indigenous Translators: Between Language and Politics

America (here including North and South America) is the second largest continent in the world after Asia. It includes no less than 35 sovereign nation-states, 1 Commonwealth and at least 24 dependencies and colonies (yes, in the 21st century, believe it). Over 500 languages are spoken throughout these territories, of which only 8 are official: […]

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Is “usted” Really Always the Best Option?

I’ve noticed lots of confusion regarding this matter: many people are under the impression that it’s correct to use “usted” at all times, in all cases. I’m afraid that that’s not correct, however: not always, not in all cases.  It depends on the objective to be accomplished. According to the Diccionario de la Real Academia […]

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