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Cultural Differences in Translating Arabic

In previous articles, we have already talked about how cultural gaps impact translations. (Article: How to Correctly Interpret the Japanese) When cultures are very different, they produce what we might call “cultural translation”, i.e. when in the source text contains an element that is culturally unfamiliar or extremely opposed to the target culture. That is […]

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Budgets for Eastern Languages

If we consider that budgets are calculated according to the number of words in the files to be translated, then there is nothing more difficult than not to see “words” as we are accustomed to seeing. But when we work with clients from the East, we have to analyze an create a budget for languages […]

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Words That Are Very Difficult To Translate

In 2004 a survey of thousands of linguists around the world was carried out to assess what terms, phrases, expressions, etc. were the most difficult to translate. Why are certain terms so difficult to translate? Do all words have an equivalent in all other languages? Or is there a cultural factor that determines our language? […]

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