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How to Learn a New Language (the Unconventional Way)

Many times, one takes it upon oneself to learn a new language. Whether it be for personal or professional reasons, this task may come with many obstacles and difficulties. This is especially true for those who have only spoken one language their entire lives. Many studies show that those who are already bilingual—be it from […]

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Book Club Meeting #1

(And there’s enough time before Christmas for me to throw this on the wish list…finding this under my tree would instantly move the responsible commenter to #1 on the “Best Commenter” list.) If you drown yourself in the world of languages, especially historic linguistics, like I do, then you know that the release of a […]

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President Obama and The Power of Words

Tuesday night, at some moment during my CNN and BBC viewing marathon of inaugural activities and the apparent zenith of Obamamania, one of the many political analysts/commentators referred to “the power of words”. Although I’ve read one of Barack’s books and seen dozens of his debates and speeches, never underwhelmed by the man’s use of […]

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